The Peony Path at Hidden Pond Farm

June 1, 2017 Turpin Real Estate

Behold the enchantment of the Peony Path at Hidden Pond Farm.  Against the backdrop of the grand Georgian home that graces the property, lies an undulant band of botanical splendor that both awakens the senses and offers a pastoral quietude.  For more than half a century, the onset of spring at Hidden Pond Farm has been marked by the blossoming of thousands of peonies arranged almost poetically on either side of a 300-foot pathway of uncut stone.  Perfectly edged and ornamented along the way with pristinely potted boxwoods, the lush path runs to the main house and caresses a bluestone terrace that frames the home’s perimeter.  The seamless transition from garden space to structural space makes the Peony Path not only an extension of the exquisite home, but also an integral part of its identity. 

Replete with a palette of hues rich in breadth and a breeze that seems always to be ripe with ambrosial redolence, the Peony Path is a true playground for the senses.  Whites become creams and then blushes and cherry-blossom pinks; and efflorescent magentas succumb to burgundy just before fading back into lighter gradients of color and ending once again with the purest of whites.  Golden tufts garnish the center of some of the blooms, while well-placed bearded iris in vivid shades of lavender and eggplant create a visual symphony for the eyes. The floral architecture is idyllic as one color tumbles into another amidst the green landscape of the manicured property. Despite its aesthetic of effortlessness, the double strand of four-foot-wide beds that line the path was planted in a thoughtful pattern that mimics the gardens of late English gardener, Gertrude Jekyll.  In keeping with Jekyll’s thematic style, the elegant sinuousness of both the stone path and its vibrant ombré borders are reminiscent of a painter’s brushstrokes.  The artistry behind the plantings’ blueprint augments the simplistic beauty of the flora and complements the immaculate grounds on which the pathway sits.   

The Peony Path preserves the history of Hidden Pond Farm and hints at the original cultivation behind the longstanding floral tradition.   These flowers seem to speak the language of exuberance—their message undeniable for all whose footfalls grace the uncut stones between them.  Walk amongst the peonies on this special piece of luxury real estate and be drawn into their world of natural resplendence. 

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